About me

I have a degree in music but I've been involved with computers since my brother brought home an Assembly programmable 8086 training computer back in 1979.

I started building websites with HTML and PHP in 2000. I developed my own PHP CMS until finding Drupal in 2008. I started to use Drupal 7 some time after it was published in January 2011. Adopting Drupal 8 has been a little slower process but so far has been worth while.

I'm a "rear keeper" by nature so I like to help businesses keep their systems from lagging behind, getting out of date, or becoming a mess in general. Therefore upgrades from older Drupal versions is my focus at the moment, in 2017.

I'm a founding member and a member of the board of the Finnish Drupal Association.

My hobbies are music (principal double bass in Helsinginkadun Filharmonikot), cooking, working out, swimming, and nutrition science.

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